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You cannot help your workforce become more productive until you see the numbers and understand how the wasted time is spent.

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Internet misuse at work costs businesses worldwide billion dollars.
Therefore, a solution to reduce workplace distractions and improve internet security is a must-have.


Did you know that:

chart-down-icon-32Some employees waste more than half of their time at work?

89% of employees say they waste time at work, and 4% of them admit that they spend at least half a day on activities that are not related to work.

time-wasting-icon-32People get more distracted at work now than ever?

Researchers identified plenty of reasons for wasting time. Most of the employees think that short breaks increase productivity. Others are bored with their jobs or dissatisfied with the payment and incentives they receive. Latest studies showed that 20% more employees wasted time at the office in 2014 than in 2013.

warning-icon-32One in five employees access porn sites at the office?

The most popular free porn sites get 70% of their web traffic between 9:00 and 5:00 p.m. Although most people don't use their time to watch NSFW content, they surf the internet, access their social profiles, chat with coworkers or friends via instant messaging applications or run personal errands: they shop, plan their travels or do banking operations.

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