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Internet misuse at work costs businesses worldwide billion dollars.
Therefore, a solution to reduce workplace distractions and improve internet security is a must-have.


In an office, it's not uncommon to see that some people are overwhelmed with work, while others lose their focus and accomplish less in the same amount of time.

As a manager, you must do your best to assign tasks fairly, and to improve the workflow in the company. Enigma makes accurate measurements and provides reliable data about the work people do daily on their computers. Schedule a demo and we will happily show you how our software solution can improve your team's productivity.

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check-mark-enigma-16   Create groups of individuals, devices or applications

check-mark-enigma-16   Classify applications and web pages as productive, unproductive or neutral

check-mark-enigma-16   Block the web pages you consider inappropriate in your office

check-mark-enigma-16   Set administrator accounts and also user accounts

check-mark-enigma-16   See productivity reports & more



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